Cupcake Collection

Starts: Thursday, 29 June 2017, 18:00
Posted: 6 Jun 2017
Dates & Times:
  • Thursday, 29 June 2017, 18:00 to Sunday, 16 July 2017, 12:00

A solo exhibition by Jemma Bortz

Assemblage is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Jemma Bortz. Please join us for a cupcake, glass of wine and the opening on Thursday 29 June 2017 6pm - 8pm.

Cupcake Collection is a large body of original works. Mostly A5 in size, made in a variety of detail and media – predominantly ink and watercolour. The artworks are charming bites of ideas about love and existence – at times sombre, presented in a playful form. To the artist, who used to bake for a living, cupcakes embody love and how to share it. Cupcakes can take hours to make but are received as instantly gratifying, small delights of pleasure. The experience of baking hundreds of cupcakes for a year and observing relationships built around sharing confectionaries brought about this concept of unique works and amusement through large amounts of small creations. Simply put: the joy of the little things. Each piece is an original and no prints will be made - no cupcake can be duplicated. All works will be on sale ranging from R50 – R1500. Part of the aim of this project  to make original art truly accessible through affordability.


Jemma Bortz (b. 1991) is a mural artist and illustrator living in Johannesburg. Passionate about all of the arts, Jemma incorporates as much creativity into her daily existence as possible. In 2016, she founded a collective called “First Pancake Club” where she teaches people how to express their creativity and authenticity through drawing. Formally under the alias “Hot Cross Bun”, Jemma used to create digital paintings and worked as an animator, which lends to her sometimes animated style and vast imagination. Jemma’s unwavering attention to detail and appreciation for life’s small pleasures, drives her to make art for the sake of play and lead her to start the Cupcake Collection.


Show times and hours

Opening night: 29 June 2017 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am-4pm from July 1st to 16th

Viewing in the week by appointment.

Walkabout: 8 July 11am

The exhibition closes 16 July 2017


Contact: / 0741666539